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We are always in need of quality items. We accept donations of everything from maternity wear to baby and children’s goods (to age 10). Some example items that you can donate are; baby baths, sterilisers, monitors, nursery furniture, kids clothing, bedding, Moses baskets, prams/buggies, and more.

If you have something but you’re not sure if we’ll take it, just give us a ring. Generally, if it’s in good condition and can be reused by another family then we will accept it.

Please note: we do not accept car seats.

What do we do with your donations?

We are Revolve accredited, which guarantees that our donations have a high standard of quality and are safety checked before they are available for sale. After being fully checked, your donations will be resold in our shops or passed to other organisations or families in need.

Our Kidz Aid project has allowed us to support families both at home and abroad. We have already donated over 200 bags of preloved clothing to families in Romania, Uganda, Kenya and Calais.

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How can I donate?

We are happy to accept donations in our Bathgate and Livingston shops. Just pop in during open hours, Monday to Saturday.

If you’re donating to our Livingston shop, please call us in advance (on 01506 238283) so that we can make arrangements for you to gain access through the controlled barrier.

We also have a free pick up service. If you’d like to use this, please contact us through our shop or via our contact form and leave your details so we can get back in touch to arrange a time that is convenient to you.

Have a look at our donation leaflet for more information