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Back to school wear

Here at Kidzeco we have all our pre-loved school clothes available for free on our shop floors. Whether you are in need of one or 2 items or a whole new School Wardrobe Kidzeco may just be the answer.

As we are still celebrating a sustainable summer so why not pop in and pick up items you are needing for the new school term and drop off any school clothes that your little ones no longer require. On our first day of this promotion 227 school items went out and we estimate that we got at least half of this number, donated back in! This is indeed the cycle that we need to see more of within our community….the more people that get involved, the bigger the cycle gets. Exciting days for our community and also our for our national carbon footprint

We would just like everyone to know that we are here, Open and fully stocked up on all the clothes your little ones need for everything from the big change of Transitioning to a new school or just the next size up. Pop in for a visit! While Stock last.

If like me you are unsure what you need to have for schools going back. I’ve added a handy checklist with some of the essential items.
School Uniform Essentials:

    1. 3-4 Blouses/Shirts/Polo Shirts
    2. 3-4 Sweaters/Cardigans/Jumpers
    3. For Boys: 2-3 Pairs of trousers and at least 1 pair of shorts
    4. For Girls: 2-3 Pinafores/Skirts and 2 Pairs of Trousers
    5. 5 Pairs of socks/Tights
    6. School Bag: Book Bag/Rucksack

School Clothes are available on both Bathgate and Livingston Shop Floors and are stocked up almost every day.

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