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Family Pantry


The Kidzeco Family Pantry

Our Family Food Pantry is located within our Bathgate store and our Kidz N Kin Community space.

Based on an annual membership of  just £1.00, the pantry caters to pregnant woman and families with one or more children aged five years or younger.  Who are in need of some financial support. Designed to offer affordable access to high quality, nutritious food, examples of what members can purchase at our pantry are as follows:

    • £1 for 1 item (such as chicken, fish, or mince).
    • £1 for 2 items (such as cheese, butter, milk or coffee).
    • £1 for 3 items (household items, such as toiletries).
    • £1 for 5 items (such as tinned-goods and store-cupboard essentials).


Opening Times:
Monday: 11:30am to 12:30pm in our Bathgate store
Saturday: 11:30am to 1:30pm in our Bathgate store
Tuesday: 11am to 12pm in our Kidz N Kin community Space

As always, our family-orientated pantry will offer sanitary products free of charge.
Alongside our pantry, membership includes access to a suite of helpful resources, all designed to raise, with dignity, the quality of life of our annual members.
-Free oral health care and tooth brushes through our Kidz Knashers program.
-The opportunity to attend free cooking workshops through our Foodies program.
-Support for weaning mothers via our new Wean The Weanz app or workshops (available via Google Play or Apple App Store).
if you feel you could benefit from membership of our Family Pantry, visit our Bookwhen page where you will find information on how to join and how to book your shopping slot. Having joined, new members will receive their unique membership card and number on their initial visit to the pantry, again.