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What is KidzStart?

KidzStart is one of our ongoing community projects with the mission of helping new parents within the community. We know that being a parent is hard: mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially. That’s why, through KidzStart, we want to give a helping hand to new and existing parents who are struggling with the demands of parenthood.

We aim to do this by providing our very own KidzStart bags to any families that are struggling to make ends meet and are referred to us.  Our bags are handmade from upcycled denim by our Fun With Fabric team.  This means they are environmentally friendly, reusable, and delightfully unique.

KidzStart bags are filled to the brim with everyday essentials that are needed for a new-born and up to 1 year old. Each bag is crafted using the wonderful, high-quality donations that we receive. Our fantastic volunteers sort through the donations and choose the best and most useful items for our KidzStart bags. Finally, the finished bags are given to the families that may need a little help… all for FREE!

We realise that many families have struggled during the Covid-19 pandemic and we have expanded our bags to include even more essential baby items such as Moses baskets, baths, and sterilisers.   Families can now be referred for these items also.

“Just to say thank you so much for the moses basket and baby stuff you looked out they are amazing, I have just delivered them and the wee mum was so tearful 🙂 you are your team are amazing.”
    ~West Lothian Midwife


How can you help with the project?


  • We are always looking for quality items that you would consider to be essential for newborns or young children. For example: unworn baby items such as clothes, shoes, mitts, sleepsuits, vests and hats as well as nappies, cotton wool, wipes and other toiletries.
  • If you are interested in donating collections for KidzStart are being taken in from both our Bathgate and Livingston shops.


  • If you are a crafter and enjoy knitting or crocheting, then you too can support the Kidzeco project by providing us with any of your wonderful cardigans, hats, mitts, booties and blankets for newborn babies.

Pass it Onbag

  • If you have denim jeans you no longer wear, don’t bin them, pass them to us! They will help us make our KidzStart bags. Our bags are large – so the bigger the better! Just hand them in at either of our shops.


  • You can give your time to the project by helping to sew the bags, sort through donations, or pack our KidzStart bags. You will also have the opportunity to take advantage of all the fantastic benefits volunteering provides.

Support Us

  • Each finished KidzStart bag costs around £50 to put together. Any financial donations, large or small, that you can spare will help us continue the project and help support more families.