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    Sustainable Shopping

    Averaging at 66 items per household per week, the UK is estimated to dispose of a shocking 100 billion pieces of plastic annually. In 2021 alone, the UK produced 2.5 million metric tons of plastic waste, contributing further to the global waste crisis.

    Did you know that, on average, more than 264 million plastic toothbrushes are discarded each year? It can take up to 400 years for each toothbrush to decompose, which means that landfills continue to grow even larger, and the air we breathe becomes even more polluted with harmful gases. In the time it takes for a single toothbrush to decompose, more than 500 billion others will have been produced to take its place.

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    Approximately three billion nappies are disposed of annually in the UK, constituting 2-3% of all household waste, according to the recycling charity WRAP. The majority of these nappies are not recyclable and must be disposed of as ordinary waste. The deterioration of nappies in landfills is a prolonged process, lasting up to 500 years or even longer. Given that no one has lived long enough to witness this, there remains a significant amount of uncertainty surrounding this topic.

    As a community, we must take responsibility for our planet’s future and work towards leaving it in better shape than we found it. Making a positive impact on the environment is possible with small changes in our daily routine. For instance, turning off lights, conserving water while brushing your teeth, avoiding unnecessary driving, recycling, and minimizing one-use plastics are great ways to help reduce global warming.

    We can also promote the using and purchasing of sustainable products. Sustainable products and foods have a less negative impact on the environment because of the use of fewer chemical pesticides, less consumption of fossil fuels, and more raw materials. The typical industry also leaves behind a substantial environmental footprint: from the landfill impact to water consumption.

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    Selecting eco-friendly products and services can reduce your ecological footprint and prevent negative environmental impacts. Bamboo products are a fantastic alternative to traditional materials because bamboo grows without the need for chemicals and minimal water, making it an environmental wonder-plant. Additionally, bamboo has the capacity to absorb more carbon dioxide than cotton or timber, while simultaneously releasing more oxygen into the air, thus improving air quality.

    Take action today and join us in our efforts to help the environment. Check out our amazing new sustainable products by clicking here and take your first step towards making a positive impact.

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    Kidzeco has been open 13 years, and although that is considered an unlucky number, it is an amazing accomplishment!

    Over the past 678 weeks, we have achieved so much, and there is still more to come. Before we look to the future, let’s reminisce about everything that has happened over the past 13 years. We still have much more growth to do, and we’re eager to share it with yo

    Presents for Purpose

    Lets make Christmas gifts sustainable this year!

    We try so hard throughout the year to help reduce the huge impact of waste on our world but this gets put aside at Christmas. An extra 30% of waste is generated during this time, so this year why not buy second-hand? Buying second-hand not only helps protect your pocket it also helps the environment and your local community. Last year studies found that over 61% of toys went un-used/un-played with and of that at least 3% are thrown away without getting regifted, sold or given to charity. Around 114,000 tonnes of plastic packaging will be thrown away and not recycled in the UK this Christmas.

    We cant turn back time and say all the items that have been donated to us didn’t come with wasteful packaging or that the packaging was disposed of correctly. But what we know for sure is the item you purchase from ourselves has been saved from entering the landfill and will continue to put a smile on a little ones face.

    We have launched our presents for purpose campaign this year to help along the way, in both our stores we have a selection of quality boxed goods at an affordable prices. This year why not opt for a gift voucher for that special someone this can be purchased from ourselves and can not only be used to purchase some much needed items but can also be used to put towards any of our classes. These vouchers will be avalible to purchase from both our Livingston and Bathgate stores aswel as our Community space Kidz N Kin and can be used across all 3 of our premises.

    Kidzeco Christmas Dinner Appeal

    With the cost-of-living crisis this year more than ever we see families who, through no fault of their own, find themselves struggling to meet everyday demands.

    Kidz-Eco hopes that by easing the financial burden that a full, traditional Christmas dinner might bring, that it will put smiles back on faces this Christmas.

    We would like to give local families (with young children) a boost during this festive period by offering the gift of a 3-course traditional Christmas Dinner which will include:
    A Turkey Crown or Vegetarian alternative
    Pigs n Blankets
    Lentil Soup Mix
    Part Baked Bread
    Cranberry Sauce
    Trifle Mix
    Christmas Crackers

    These packs will also include instructions on how to cook Christmas Dinner from scratch as well as ideas on how to make the best use of leftovers.

    We are reaching out to the community and asking that those in a position to do so get behind us and help a family by pledging £40 to cover the cost of one Christmas dinner pack.

    You can donate at

    If you cannot commit to pledging a full Christmas Dinner pack cash donations towards the appeal would be gratefully accepted through our stores and Kidz n Kin .

    Let’s pull together to ensure all families in our community have a Christmas to remember.

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    Back to school wear

    Here at Kidzeco we have all our pre-loved school clothes available for free on our shop floors. Whether you are in need of one or 2 items or a whole new School Wardrobe Kidzeco may just be the answer.

    As we are still celebrating a sustainable summer so why not pop in and pick up items you are needing for the new school term and drop off any school clothes that your little ones no longer require. On our first day of this promotion 227 school items went out and we estimate that we got at least half of this number, donated back in! This is indeed the cycle that we need to see more of within our community….the more people that get involved, the bigger the cycle gets. Exciting days for our community and also our for our national carbon footprint

    We would just like everyone to know that we are here, Open and fully stocked up on all the clothes your little ones need for everything from the big change of Transitioning to a new school or just the next size up. Pop in for a visit! While Stock last.

    If like me you are unsure what you need to have for schools going back. I’ve added a handy checklist with some of the essential items.
    School Uniform Essentials:

      1. 3-4 Blouses/Shirts/Polo Shirts
      2. 3-4 Sweaters/Cardigans/Jumpers
      3. For Boys: 2-3 Pairs of trousers and at least 1 pair of shorts
      4. For Girls: 2-3 Pinafores/Skirts and 2 Pairs of Trousers
      5. 5 Pairs of socks/Tights
      6. School Bag: Book Bag/Rucksack

    School Clothes are available on both Bathgate and Livingston Shop Floors and are stocked up almost every day.

    Love Island is Supporting Sustainable Fashion!

    As Love Island announces it’s partnership with Ebay, this year’s contestants will be wearing pre-loved fashion from a shared wardrobe situated in the new villa.  It’s amazing for such a large community to promote such a noble cause so close to our hearts!  With over 20% more people shopping second-hand than 2 years ago this is an amazing promotion to draw attention to the wonderful world of second hand clothing.

    Fast fashion is a real issue and one that continues to grow.  Not only does it have a huge impact on the environment through carbon emissions, waste in large quantities and not to mention the ethical concerns with most of these items made in sweatshops under terrible working conditions.

    Buying sustainable will help us further our fight against global warming and hopefully encourage large fast fashion retailers to question their own practice. Our goal this summer is to do better for the environment we will be leaving behind for our children and the generations to come. The change has to start with us! Here are some easy ways you can get involved:

    Buying second-hand will not only save money but will also increase the longevity of a single item of clothing. By shopping for re-used products small local business and social enterprise will benefit bringing positive impact on the local community. This is a great way to support not only our planet but the people who live in it too all the while looking fabulous in your new wardrobe.

    Your old clothes can also help fight against fast fashion. When you are clearing out try to have two piles; one for clothes that have “life” left in them that can be donated or passed on for re-use and the other that "are past their best" that can be passed on for textile recycling.

    Supporting sustainable business is a great way to help reduce your carbon footprint and also to support your own local community. Many pre-loved stores, including Kidzeco, prevent tonnes of waste from ending up in landfill every year while providing support to people in their communities. Remember to check in with your local store if you are unsure as to which items you can donate.

    Be sure to share your purchase online for your family and friends to not only see the bargain you have picked but also to highlight sustainable fashion and promote the business you purchased it from. Let's get on trend on this summer with Love Island and shop sustainable fashion.

    Happy Snapping!

    You can support our sustainable business online here: Kidzeco, on our Facebook pages (Kidzeco Bathgate, Kidzeco Livingston, Kidzeco in the community) or pop into one of our stores in Livingston or Bathgate. Thank you for your continued and ongoing support!

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    It’s bumpathon time!


    Are you pregnant?
    Do you want to raise money for a good cause?
    Would you like your bump painted to commemorate this time in you and your littles ones journeys.
    Take part in our annual Bumpathon!

    This has been a long time coming and we have missed our Bumpathon’s sooooo much; our last one was in December 2019 pre-lockdown.

    We are delighted to announce that we are running our Annual Bumpathon on Friday 27th May and are looking for pregnant ladies to take part. If you’d like an information sheet please email us on Registration packs will be available in Kidzeco – Bathgate, Kidzeco – Livingston and Kidz n Kin from Saturday.

    If you are expecting, or know someone who is, and would like to get involved with our fantastic event then please get in touch.


    Looking for a new challenge?

    Are you looking for a new exciting challenge?

    Good news we have what you need!

    Kidzeco is a well-established social enterprise in West Lothian supporting and providing effective support to children and their families. in their community, when they need us most. We are currently looking for 3 members to join our ever growing team.

    Community Development Officer (35 hours per week, 24,000 per annum)
    The post holder will develop and deliver our nutritional programme and activities in line with our health improvement work; Reducing health inequalities in families with young children and expectant mothers. The position will be primarily based in Kidz n Kin but there will be a requirement to work throughout west Lothian.

    Employability Officer (35 hours per week, £24,000 per annum)
    The is a new and exciting opportunity to develop and facilitate our Next Stepz Employability programme. If you are enthusiastic, driven and can directly support young people with barriers to employment make progress towards employment, education or training through volunteering this is the role for you.

    Perinatal Peer Support Worker (21 hours per week, £12,480 per annum)
    The successful candidate will support the development and facilitation of our new and exciting Bumpz to Babiez perinatal Café, based in Kidz n Kin, to support the wellbeing of parents and children aged 0-2 years.

    All positions are fixed term to 30th June 2023.
    For full job description, and/or to apply please email
    Closing date for applications is 5pm on Friday 14th May 2022.


    Easter is approaching! And we are hopping on the bandwagon as Easter falls on Sunday 17th April this year. Since its origins, Easter has been a time of celebration and feasting and many traditional Easter games and customs developed, such as egg rolling, egg tapping, blowing and egg decorating. With kids at home, you’ll want to find some fun activities for them to do over the Easter break. We have listed a few egg-cellent ideas for the Easter break that are fun to do with the kids and adults may also enjoy as well!

    1. Easter Egg Charades

    One way to get the whole family involved is to engage in a game of charades. Put the prompts in Easter eggs and have each person act out the word or phrase. Just remember to keep it simple for the little ones using prompts like Bunny, duckling, carrots, chick, and Easter egg hunt are just a few of the words and phrases that you can act out!

    2. Easter Bingo

    Who doesn’t love a game of bingo? There are tons of free printable Easter bingo cards that you can find online and players can use some delicious jelly beans and other sweet Easter goodies to mark the squares that they get throughout the game. Finally, have an array of prizes that young children, older kids, and adults will all appreciate!

    3. Paper Plate Easter Chick

    Step 1. Start by covering your working surface with an old table cloth or some newspaper.
    Step 2. Set out a paper plate and have your toddler paint it with yellow paint.
    Step 3. Let the plates dry for a little while (this may take longer depending on the amount of finger paint your toddler used).
    Step 4. Cut some triangles out of orange construction paper to make the beaks of the chicks.
    Step 5. Invite your toddler to glue some feathers, beaks and googly eyes to the plates.
    And that’s it! The most adorable chick’s a toddler can make are ready. These are seriously easy to make and they are perfect for decorating for Easter!