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    Mummy & Me

    According to the oxford dictionaries, Mother can be defined as: To bring up a child with care and affection; to look after kindly and protectively, sometimes excessively so. Mothering Sunday is all about honouring that special lady in our lives so from Kidzeco we would like to say Happy Mother’s day, to all Mums, Mums to be, Step-mums, Foster mums, grannies and great-grannies. We hope that all you wonderful ladies have a day of relaxation and Pampering.


    Happy Mother’s Day to everyone:

    Mums, Dads, Daughters and Sons.
    We’re all related to mothers
    And there are some special ones.
    Some who take on a mothering role

    And not related through birth
    But love as much as any mother could.
    That type of love sustains our earth.
    Adoptive parents are special,

    They open their home and heart,
    Providing a child with a loving bond,
    And a family in which they are part.
    Mothering is tender, loving care,

    A strong desire to guide and protect,
    To keep their children safe from harm.
    Mothers of all kinds deserve respect.
    Happy Mother’s Day!!


    Save the environment in style with your sidekick. Our re-useable Matching bag set means you and your little superhero can shop in the knowledge that you are helping the environment and looking fab doing so. My Bagz set includes one “Tweenies”  themed adult bag and one matching Childs size.

    The cotton bags would make a marvellous Mother’s Day gift from children, or as a brilliant Birthday gift for Mum too, whatever the occasion, we know she’ll tote-ally love it.

    Made from re-cycled material by our very talented Fun With Fabric team.

    Spring has sprung!

    Winter is ending and Spring is here, flowers are starting to bloom, birds are coming back, and beauty is alive in nature. This time of year is perfect to go for hikes or lay in the sun, just perfect for being outside. With Covid restrictions starting to lift, there’s definitely reasons to be hopeful. Warmer weather and longer days are coming. This spring lets make it a goal to take full advantage of the time we have and the people we have to share it with, lets spend time outside having fun and laughing. At Kidzeco we will continue to run our Buggy/Bump Walks and Dadz Trek walks as the weather gets warmer we have a new range of spring wear in both our Bathgate and Livingston store. hope you all have the best time this spring.

    Valentines Day 2022

    Valentines Day is all about caring for one another and spending the day with the ones you love doing the things you love.

    Here at Kidzeco we have our Love themed red windows and Valentines themed classes and Fivez 4 Fridays. Come check them out or catch up through our Facebook page at Kidzeco.

    A Lovely Poem for you all on this wholesome day

    If apples were pears
    And peaches were plums
    And the rose had a different name.
    If tigers were bears
    And fingers were thumbs
    I’d love you just the same.

    Let’ spread love and kindness this valentines day!

    New year, New Addition?

    The new year is an exciting time for everyone. We make new friends, memories and experiences. But for you this year will also add a new addition to the family!

    A new baby is such a special, wonderful and joyous thing. When a little bundle of joy comes into our lives, we experience so many “firsts.” From first smiles to first laughs, to first steps. But the biggest and most important first is the first time you hold them and realize how much you love them. Having a new born in the family will bring you lots of unique and wonderful experiences. It is amazing how something so little can bring us such delight.

    At Kidzeco things are all about baby. We offer support for new parents, from peer led groups, baby wearing meetings, breastfeeding support, baby massage and classes allowing parents to fight the feeling for isolation through meeting and socialising with other new parents.  We also have a wide range of baby accessories, clothes, toys and nursery furniture in-store and online.
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    Wishing you all a great 2022


    Well, we’ve actually made it through year two of the pandemic and, considering everything, that’s no small feat. 

    And now, as we turn the page toward 2022, we know that it won’t be without its challenges, but even then, it’s important to stop and smell the roses and really analyse all the things that work for us. There are things that we could improve on, and stuff that we should leave behind. Because while 2020 was all about keeping your head above water and 2021 was about getting your footing and adjusting to the new norm, 2022 is about strengthening your roots and becoming the strong amazing person we know you all can be. 

    We here at Kidzeco are wishing you all a great 2022! May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good health. May all your worries fade and your successes be at the forefront! May there be one or two surprises along the way!

    Have a great 2022!


    Has your little one grew too fast? Do they need more T-Shirts, Trousers, Dresses ect…? Do you love a bargain? Then boy do we have the best news for you!
    As of Today, Monday 30th August, in both Kidzeco – Bathgate, Kidzeco – Livingston and our Website ALL clothes now 50% off marked price
    Yes, you heard right…all clothing 50% off marked price.
    Woo hoo! Bargains galore… it is the time to buy the next size up or to be ultra organised and buy for next year

    Check out our Website stock here: Kidzeco/Clearance


    For more information please drop a comment on this page or message out Facebook pages

    Kidzeco Livingston: Kidzeco-Livingston

    Kidzeco Bathgate: Kidzeco-Bathgate

    We are opening soon!!

    We are happy to announce our store will be opening on the 6th of April! I know I can’t believe it too! We will be fully stocked and ready to serve the glorious public once again.  

    To make sure everyone is safe we ask that our customers wear a face mask when in our store at all times, sanitise their hands with the sanitiser provided and remain 2 meters apart from other customers. By sticking to these rules, we will be able the have a safe shopping experience for everyone.  

    I would also like to take this time to thank everyone for supporting us over the last year with your generous donations. We know it has been tough and we really do appreciate everything you all do for us.  

    So why not pop in whether it’d be for a quick browse or a whole new wardrobe we are always more than happy to help!  

    See you all soon!  

    Maternity Wear

    Set Your Bump Free! 

     Are you pregnant but not sure where or when to buy Maternity Clothes? You’ve come to the right place.  

     When should I purchase Maternity clothing?  

    No two pregnancies are the same which means when looking to buy Maternity Clothes it’s up to you. Everyone starts to wear maternity in their own time so here are some tips to help you decide if it’s time to move onto Maternity clothes:  

    1. The top button of your trousers can no longer close. 
    2. Spandex in your preferred clothing material.
    3. Your Bump starts to peek out the bottom of your shirt.
    4. Your favourite jacket wont zip up.
    5. Your day-to-day clothes feels like they are starting to squeeze you.  


    If all these signs point to you needing Maternity clothes read on for tips on Essentials items, you’ll want in your Maternity Wardrobe, What size might be best for you and how to get your hands on some.  


    What Size is best for me?  

    Maternity size works the same as regular clothing sizes. Meaning if you’re normally a size “8”, you’ll still be a size “8” in Maternity sizes. Prenatal clothes are made with extra fabric and details to help make you feel comfortable with over the bump bands and stretchy material just to name a few. All while accentuating your bump.  


    What Clothing Essentials do I need?  

    You may think you need a whole new wardrobe once you need Maternity clothes but we are here to tell you that you’ll only need a few essentials to get you through, however if you would like more, we won’t judge we too love new clothes!  

    You may need to wear your prenatal clothes for a few weeks after giving birth, too. They are also handing to keep around just in case there’s another pregnancy. 

    With that in mind these are some basic’s we think you’ll need:  

    1. Maternity Trousers or a smart skirt for work or special occasions
    2. Two or 3 pairs of jeans or Leggings for your everyday outfits.
    3. A couple Dresses. Even if you normally don’t wear dresses you will find the extremely comfortable especially when a bump band starts to feel too tight. 
    4. Two of 3 Maternity Tops casual or smart depending on your style and work life.   
    5. Cardigan or Jacket that closes over your bump to keep you are your bump warm.  


    Where to buy?  

    Maternity wear can be hard to come by with most High-street stores removing this from their shop floors and having it only available to purchase online.  

    Here at Kidzeco we have quality pre-loved Maternity clothes available in both our retail stores and online available here: 

    If you have any questions or are looking for something in Maternity that we don’t have available please get in contact with us and we can try our best to help you out.  



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    Food Pantry Update – Kidzeco Bathgate

    We are delighted to announce that our Food Pantry will remain open during Scotland’s Tier 4 lockdown. Our food pantry service will now open within our  Bathgate store, Wednesday and Saturday, from 12pm till 3pm.  If you haven’t signed for a membership already you can do so via and you are eligible to join if you are currently pregnant or have at least one child aged 5 years and under.  (A gentle reminder that if you are attending the pantry to please bring your own bags).