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We generally offer a monthly timetable of children’s classes & community activities that are beneficial to both you and your little one.  The Covid-19 pandemic has altered our scheduling significantly, and public health guidance has rendered a regular timetable difficult to operate, but we are currently looking at variety of ways in which we can return to offering regular classes again in the near future.  Such activities are important to us, for children learn how to interact socially with one another during our fun-filled classes, enhancing how they bond with others and helping them to develop and grow.  Quite simply, children learn through play and by having fun!  You as a parent will also benefit by enjoying a much needed opportunity to relax and meet new people.

Our community activities are run in partnership with other organisations such as Babywearing West Lothian so that we can provide you with a source of valuable information and advice.

We also run weekly Fun with Fabric ‘drop in’ sessions to meet new people and help us make hand-crafted goods that are sold both in store and on our website. These unique, fully-bespoke goods are made from donated fabrics, furthering the environmentally friendly ethos that puts the ‘eco’ in Kidzeco!  You don’t have to be a world renowned sewing master to get involved either; you need only an interest in crafts!  Our talented FWF team will teach you everything you need to know.

Check out our monthly timetable to see what’s on in Kidzeco and how to get involved!

“Great shop with fab classes. Prices are very reasonable and the staff are all lovely”

– Emma Paxton